Specialty Commercial Water Treatment Solutions

Commercial Reverse Osmosis SystemCulligan provides expertise, systems, and services required to treat complex water problems for any size commercial or industrial organization.

Whether the need is to provide delicious drinking water for clients and employees, install or manage high quality solutions for your steam boiler operations, or address excess chlorine or hardness in water supplies, Culligan can help. The goal is to provide the correctly sized and configured technology solution for every clients’ need, and to provide the post-installation service programs to continue to meet the specified water treatment requirements. The most common complex solutions deployed by Culligan provide high purity water for laboratories and steam boiler operations.

How to work with Culligan Professional Sales Engineers

Culligan’s engineering team is well qualified to apply technology and service offerings to each clients’ need. The technology deployed typically consists of advanced multi-media filtration and water softening systems, reverse osmosis technology, ion exchange, and de-ionization to produce high quality water for reliable production. The offers on this website provide an easy way to engage the Culligan locally based engineers with any organization. Be sure to click on “Current Offer” or contact Culligan at the numbers provided. Culligan has serviced the Oregon area since 1946, and a long-term sales and service track record will be of benefit to any organization with complex water treatment requirements.