Commercial and Industrial Deionization Solutions

Culligan provides deionization solutions for Commercial and Industrial needs. Deionization products from Culligan produce high-quality water by reducing total dissolved solids (TDS) in water. Culligan offers Portable Exchange Water Deionization, Automatic Water Deionization, and Continuous Electro Water Deionization.

Portable Exchange Water Deionization systems are maintained and regenerated by your Culligan dealer. Culligan Portable Exchange Water Deionization systems are available in multiple configurations, chosen to best meet your needs. The Automatic Water Deionizer is a multiprocess treatment system. The Automatic Water Deionization systems can be automatically or manually regenerated. Continuous Electro Water Deionization is used for commercial and industrial purposes to provide high-quality water in an environmentally-friendly process.

Contact Culligan to find the best water deionization process for your organization.