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One Vendor, Full Service Water

Culligan provides expertise, systems, and services required to treat complex water problems for any size commercial or industrial organization. Whether the need is to provide delicious drinking water for clients and employees, install or manage high quality solutions for your steam boiler operations, or address excess chlorine or hardness in water supplies, Culligan can help. […] Read More

Culligan Provides Purchase and Monthly Rental Service Plans for Consumers

The equipment needed at a particular property will depend on the water, how the plumbing is set up, and the number of people in the household. Since the water varies greatly in Oregon, each home typically requires a unique set of water treatment systems and services to address unique needs. When you contact Culligan, your […] Read More

Culligan Can Benefit You!

How You Will Benefit with Culligan Services and Systems Culligan has solutions for offices, businesses, public institutions, and industry that will benefit you. Here’s how: One vendor for all your water needs BENEFIT: Reduces supplier management overhead Culligan’s professional staff is trained to identify needs and requirements which vary for every client BENEFIT: You pay only for what you need! Solutions can be acquired […] Read More

More About Hard Water & Drinking Water Solutions

The water in Culligan of Oregon’s service area is unique, even varying from house to house, and business to business. For this reason, Culligan encourages you to contact this dealer about your water concerns, and engage the professional staff to assist in identifying your water problems and finding solutions. Hard water can cause various problems in your home or business.  You may see a residue on your glassware […] Read More

Water Treatment Expertise in Oregon

Make the investment with Culligan By working with Culligan to assess your water treatment system requirements, you are working with an established and reputable company whose only business is to make water better.  Established for over 75 years, Culligan products and services are delivered by water system professionals who have decades of experience in designing, […] Read More

Benefits of a Culligan Drinking Water System

Nutritionists recommend you drink at least eight glasses of water a day for better health. A Culligan reverse osmosis drinking water system uses a series of filters to reduce many microscopic impurities and chemical elements that may be in your water. It is a smart, convenient way to provide your family with many great benefits. […] Read More

Benefits of a Culligan Water Softener

You know you have “hard water” when a build-up of lime reside or soap scum is on your bathroom fixtures and dishes, and you have to use large amounts of soap to clean dishes or wash your hair. That’s because “hard water” contains excessive amounts of minerals such as calcium and magnesium, which leave behind […] Read More

Learn the facts about Salt Free Devices and Culligan’s Salt Free solutions

If you are looking to install salt free water treatment equipment in your home or business, you should learn the facts about product options and product technology. Culligan offers many salt free options to fit the specific needs of home owners.  These include: Culligan Soft Water Exchange Softener Service: Regeneration takes place at Culligan. There is […] Read More

Magnetic Water Treatment Devices – 3rd Party Research

Only water softeners soften water. Don’t be fooled by magnets and magic beads! Many companies promote salt free devices as an alternative to traditional water softeners.  While the concept is a nice one, laboratory tests by independent third parties suggest that these products do not deliver the benefits of soft water. Brighter laundry Softer skin […] Read More

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